June Three: My Favorite App

We’re too distracted these days they say. That’s what people do when life gets all fucked up. They find distraction. I’m not going to get into a “materially wealthy but spiritually bankrupt” diatribe but, you know, that stuff is all true.

Every day I drive an annoyingly long distance through the suburbs to get to the highway. Down a long, hot stretch of pavement with its traffic, it’s congestion, its ugly people driving their jalopies that spew out shitty air that happily bypasses their broken EVAP systems. They sit in their cars with their fat rolls spilling over their seatbelts, sloppily eating fast food that drips all over them. Some of them wander around the Target parking lot high on methamphetamine, turning their ghoulish faces from side to side, sticking their tongues out and smacking their lips. Mutants. This place is a fucking dump. A war-torn city in the Middle East has more charm because it was at least nice at one time. This place was designed ugly. I drive past a giant billboard that reads: DON’T FEAR ISLAM, UNDERSTAND IT! with some Asian cunt in her Muslim garb giving me the thumbs up. The mutants j-walk in the searing heat. All plant life is dead. There’s just one strip mall after another, all with the same banal architecture. One place after another where you can spend your money on stupid shit you don’t need or food that’s completely devoid of any nutritional value. Most of America looks like this to some degree – fucking ugly. There’s no way to traverse the landscape by foot. It’s too fucking big anyway. You have to drive a car. So I get into my car that runs on miracles and expensive fuel, with its dents and scars and leaky fluids and its shot EVAP system and I distract myself by listening to Rhapsody: unlimited music streaming to your iphone for only $10-a-month. First month is free.


6 thoughts on “June Three: My Favorite App

  1. I enjoyed reading this and thought I should leave a comment to express my enjoyment.
    maybe you need to leave the comfort of your job and escape the hell known as suburbia, where everything looks the same…the same soulless shopping centers, apartment buildings, and sad little community parks.

    • Thanks, man.

      You’re right. I’m only living here for the cheap rent. I plan on moving downtown where it’s at least possible to walk places. Maybe I’ll move somewhere nicer like Portland when I’ve saved some money.

      • yea, Palahniuk swears by the PacNorthwest.

        I also struggle with the whole nofap thing. Been noticing that I feel healthier and more energetic when I’ve successfully abstained. Even nutting in or on a girl, or in a condom, feels like a tremendous waste. Because if you think about it…semen doesn’t just magically appear…it takes nutrients and energy for the body to produce it. So when we blow it too often, the body is constantly forced to produce more. Makes sense that the male organism has a nutsack to STORE it for use only in reproductive circumstances. But hey, maybe that’s “too much information” from a stranger on the internet.

        As for saving up $, yea that’s a challenge in itself. I did it ONCE by just spending less (e.g. cutting out the daily coffee, cooking for myself instead of going out to restaurants, etc.)…and from those savings I was able to do some traveling at the start of 2015. In America, being frugal/miserly has a negative connotation. Words like “cheap” and “stingy” are not exactly compliments. But that’s what you have to do. The only way to save up more is to cut down on expenses. Instead of paying $50-$60 going out drinking I would pick up a bottle of Polish potato vodka for $9.99 at Trader Joe’s. Meet chicks at the grocery store or pool halls instead of at the usual bar/club scene.

      • Life in the city corrupts our core values. You start to believe that you also have to be ultra-famous and uber-rich to get the basics: sex with cute, healthy, decent women, a sense of happiness and security in your home/assets. Without those you’ll always be made to feel empty, incomplete. Which is exactly what “the System” wants because then you’ll go be a consumer. Consumers keep the economy going. Consumers who are unhappy and simply want to meet and connect with people.

      • I may end up being another cunty, rent-raising Californian who transplants up North. Mostly because it’s so hot and miserable in Sacramento. People treat Portland like it’s the promise land. Must be something to it.

        I’m pretty good on no porn. I haven’t watched it in at least six months. I still have my private collection that I’ve taken of past girlfriends but those are for sentimental value (beating off helps me remember). I think what you said about expending energy is true. The blogger Master Dogen wrote about this extensively. His old blog alpha-status is worth reading.

        I’ve managed to save up over 10k in the last year but I just bought a new car to drive Uber with, so that money is gone for now. I’m desperate to get out of my wage slave job but I’ll have to work it for a bit longer to pay off the car and re-coop some savings. Until then I’ll just complain on the internet.

  2. sounds good. you could also probably do some other shit like delivery food or help people move (depending on how spacious your new car is).

    i saw a newish-looking BMW the other day, black with black custom rims, parked with the engine running, and it was being used to deliver Italian food. no bullshit.

    i felt tempted to jack it and take it for a joyride but obviously that’s a bad idea.

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