June Fourteen: Can We Just Fuck or What?

This girl from the cafe gives me a stiffy. I don’t know why exactly. She’s kind of chubby and wears glasses and yoga pants. She hang out and plans lessons for her first grade class on her Macbook while drinking tea. She’s not really attractive. She has absurdly high standards and an unrealistic view of her attractiveness and ambitions that include some political position in education. She also likes to say “you’re dumb” a lot and in general acts cold and haughty. But still, I really want to fuck her. I wanted her to be a layup; a girl who I could easily charm and maybe take out once, then fuck and not talk to anymore. But no. Some asshole had to rape her in college or something and now she’s extremely cagey and guarded. I met up with her downtown and told her to walk with me to a bar. Once we got two blocks from where we met, she started throwing a fit. “I don’t see any bar around here” she said fearfully. I was on the wrong street and then we found the bar. I finger banged her in her car but the constant bike traffic kind of threw me off. I tried to get her to let me go back to her place multiple times but she told me she doesn’t take guys home. Her dry-beating my cock didn’t do it for me so I went home.

June Twenty-Five: Can We Fuck Now?

I saw the girl at the cafe again. She was with her boyfriend who I gather she lives with. He left so she could work and she came over and sat next to me and we flirted a bit. No wonder she couldn’t take me home. I guess this will be an ally way bang or something. I texted her an ASCII penis and I don’t know why. She didn’t reply. Why is stuff so hard?


4 thoughts on “June Fourteen: Can We Just Fuck or What?

  1. Don’t ya just hate that feeling of putting in way more effort than it’s worth? But once you’ve put in that much work it’s hard to give up.

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